The meeting

New Breath

The broken warrior Cade drowning in the troubles of his lost nation found himself in the port city of New Breath on the North-western point of the continent Daradoth. Drowning his sorrows in wine in the tavern of The Dragons Foot he met a Bard called Nerack whom was hired to preform slight of hand tricks for the local patrons. Mean while Larian and Celestina, a elven ranger and half/elf druid where finding themselves entering the city of New Breath to seek out gainful employment. Rooster a thief common to New Breath woke up in prison for petty theft. After a quick analysis of the situation had no trouble escaping from the jail and meeting up at the tavern and pilfering the locals for a small amount of coin. While the Nerack was trying to convince Cade of his obvious bar tending talent a group of young thugs enter the tavern causing a ruckus and picking a fight with Nerack and accidentally Smashing a chair into Cade’s bar stool. The broken warrior decided it was time to take actions and pummel the two punks for their brash behavior. Well two punks turned into four brandishing weapons while just then Larian and Celestina find themselves at the tavern door to lay witness to the event. Mean the while Rooster forged a convincing warrant for the lead punks arrest and delivered it to the city guard. A bar fight ensued smashing chairs and toppling tables while Cade and Nerack easily handled the thugs when the guard arrived the party found out that the leader was Nicolas Tedesky governor Tedesky’s son. Mean the while before this incident Celestina met up a ways north of new breath with her Druid master Waridoth a weird little man whom tends to the agricultural needs of the farmers in the community. Her quest was to travel to the Town of Mel East of New Breath and discover a cure for the sick oxen there. Well the party now formed and befriended they travel together to Mel whil Cade and Nerack got a quest from the bar owner Linus to find his missing brother. They make camp for the night on the way to Mel in some bandit infested wood. Knowing the terrain they build a fire and set up an ambush for the bandits. With only Cade sitting by the fire, Rooster, Larian, Celestina, and Larian concealed within the surrounding trees of the clearing where the bonfire was alight. The Goblin and Kobold bandits arrived before the fire puzzled by the seeming alone human sitting alone at night in their territory took it as a personal challenge to the leader of the gang a seven and a half foot tall Gnoll whom commanded the bandit troupe. The bandit King challenged Cade to one on one combat to prove that this lone man was no match for his excellence in battle. The bloody battle ensued and shortly ending with Cade unscathed and the Gnoll king beheaded before his party of misfit humanoids. The mangy Kobold’s and Goblin’s then attacked the man whom decimated their leader only to be met with a volly of arrows and darts from the tree’s above as the rest of the party unleashed barrage after barrage of arrows felling the mutts while Cade with his battle prowess slain two goblin and one kobold with one mighty strike from his Claymore getting the Kobolds head stuck on this sword not stopping until all were dead. After the mayhem Larian checked the Gnoll leader and with an awesome treasure roll managed to find 591 platinum and 7 precious stones on his person.



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